About Us


Bringing families together through the joy of camping!

Our purpose is to provide your family with a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience for far less than the cost of owning an RV or camping gear. 

Being avid campers ourselves, we know the joy that camping can bring to families. Time away from the everyday routine brings people together and helps them appreciate more simple things. 

Our goal is a 5 star review from every renter. We believe that if you only focus on the customer and what is important to them then everything else just falls into place.  This belief is the soul of our business. 



Norm & Susan

We are a husband and wife team that thoroughly enjoy camping and being in outdoors.  In our thirty years together, we spent a great deal of time "perfecting" our tent camping set-up before purchasing our first RV.

 We started Silver Badger with the purpose of providing others with an opportunity to enjoy camping in comfort without the high cost of purchasing, and hassle of maintaining an RV or camping gear.